Diagnostics Research Lab


The Swett lab conducts diagnostics research in vegetable and field crops, in collaboration with statewide farm advisors.  We only take samples from California.

CROPS: warm season vegetables and field crops (including grains, vegetables, cotton, sunflower, and legumes).

This includes:


Providing diagnoses for diseases that are diagnostically challenging, due to ambiguities in symptoms and/or lack of precise diagnostic tests in the private diagnostics sector.


We conduct surveys for diverse high profile soil borne diseases. This includes monitoring resistance breaking races of Fusarium pathogens in tomato, surveying diversity and distribution of pathogens in the Fusarium bulb rot disease complex in onion, surveying diversity of crops affected by pathogens in the Fusarium falciforme complex.


Above efforts highlight major gaps in diagnostics tools. To fill these gaps, we leverage above efforts to curate isolates for use in developing molecular-based diagnostic tools, and then beta test tools in-situ as part of diagnoses.


As potentially new diseases to the state, country or world are detected in California, we curate isolates for downstream proof of pathogenicity studies.


Fill out the form

Printable version: 2019 PRINT SwettLab_Specimen Info Form

Fillable version: 2019 FILLABLE SwettLab_Specimen Info Form

Drop off: Hutchison Hall rm 253. Fill out form and leave in the SAMPLE SUBMISSION fridge. Diagnosis forms are attached to the fridge. Please EMAIL Cassandra at clswett@ucdavis.edu to let me know you have submitted a sample. If I am around (rm 260) I am happy to go over the sample. Otherwise, bring in someone from the lab to go over it.

If no one is is rm 253, please leave samples with Maria Tuccori, rm 354 and EMAIL Cassandra at clswett@ucdavis.edu to let me know you have dropped it off. Diagnosis forms are on the door of 253, or you can email it to us separately.

Mail: Package samples in paper or plastic, well padded.  Include a specimen information form or email the fillable form to Cassandra at clswett@ucdavis.edu

Mail to:
Cassandra Swett
Department of Plant Pathology
University of California, Davis
1 Shields Ave
Davis, California, 95616


If you are in the private sector, please contact me directly for information on diagnostic support. Please do not submit a sample prior to contacting us.

We do not take samples outside of California

Email: clswett@ucdavis.edu