Interested in conducting applied ecological research on fungal plant pathogens? In addressing large scale issues related to water conservation and land use management? In learning about plant pathology extension in agriculture? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Graduate student positions

I am currently recruiting for a graduate student at the PhD level for Fall 2019 admission. As a common theme in all graduate projects in my lab, we study fungal pathogen ecology in order to develop integrated management methods which reduce disease losses. We focus on pathogens of tomato, including Fusarium wilt and a new Fusarium crown rot. We also examine interactions between soil borne pathogens and changing water use practices (reduced water quality, deficit irrigation methods); we evaluate interactions on both the organismal scale (single plant-pathogen combinations) and community scale (fungal and oomycete communities in a single host). The goal of this work is to develop water and disease co-management strategies that enable growers to reduce water inputs, while minimizing the disease risks associated with water use changes.

To discuss specific research opportunities in the lab, contact me at Please include some details on your background and specific research areas you might be interested in. As the applicant pool is often highly competitive, I strongly recommend that prospective students contact me between July and September, prior to submitting their application. I am always open to assist prospective students in preparing applications for fellowship or scholarship programs (eg., NSF GRFP, EPA-STAR), if you are interested in seeking your own funding.

Click here for details on how to apply to the Plant Pathology graduate program at UC Davis.

Research Internships

We are always looking for motivated undergraduate research assistants and interns. It is typical for undergraduates to start in our lab in technical capacity for one or more quarters (working either for credit or paid) in order to learn the ropes, and then transition to an internship project in a subsequent quarter.  Please email me if you are interested in working in the lab:

Diagnostics internships

If you are currently an undergraduate or graduate student at UC Davis and interested in disease diagnostics,  I offer diagnostics internships to train students in the process of differential diagnosis for plant diseases. Internships are available in spring, summer and fall quarter. Contact me for more information; in your email, indicate that you are interested in a diagnostics internship: