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Interested in conducting applied ecological research on fungal plant pathogens? In addressing large scale issues related to water conservation and land use management? In extending plant health research to have real impacts on agriculture? Then you’ve come to the right place!


Positions currently open

Two post-doctoral research positions available: ecology/evolution, diagnosis, and systems management of emerging Fusarium pathogens

Project areas: Ecology, epidemiology and evolutionary biology of populations within the  Fusarium falciforme species complex, across agricultural and natural systems, to advance holistic IPM strategies and decision support for emerging high impact pathogens across annual/perennial cropping systems.

For more information: Post doc recruitment_SwettLabUCD_fall 2023

Start date is very flexible, for some time in mid-2024. Salary range: $60,000-$71,952

Deadlines: Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis. Priority deadline: Nov 15, 2023, Final deadline: Dec 15, 2023

To apply: send cover letter and CV with three references to Cassandra Swett:


Note to prospective graduate students and post doctoral researchers

I am open to assisting prospective lab members in developing projects for  fellowship or scholarship applications (eg., NSF GRFP, NIFA post doctoral fellowship). Open research lines exist in many areas including:

-Impacts of water scarcity on disease ecology and functional shifts in microbial communities withinin agroecosystems

-Ecological dynamics underlying systemic fungal endophyte associations across cropping and native systems

-Applications of litter decomposition theories to understanding nutrient cycling and litter-borne pathogen survival dynamics in agricultural systems

I encourage prospective students to contact me 3-6 months (July-November) prior to the January application deadline  to discuss project interests. Please include some details on your background and specific research areas you might be interested in.  I highly advise you to also contact members of my lab, to calibrate whether my mentoring style will be a fit.

Click here for details on how to apply to the Plant Pathology graduate program at UC Davis.


Undergraduate Field Research Assistants

We are continuously recruiting undergraduate students. We offer both paid research assistant and paid research internship project opportunities in the lab.

If you are interested: submit 1 pg statement of interest and CV to Cassandra Swett at

It is typical for undergraduates to start in our lab in technical capacity for one or more quarters (working either for credit or paid) in order to learn the ropes, and then transition to an internship project in a subsequent quarter.

We recruit for students year round, and always have a large recruitment the spring (Feb-March), for summer help.

Please email me if you are interested in working in the lab: